Thursday, August 14, 2008

Old Dirty Mines

Daily it occurs to me that I suck at keeping this blog up to date, when in fact I have plenty of stuff to post. It only appears that I have a boring, stupid life, when in reality its quite excited; but probly still stupid.

My friend Bowdie and I have been fourwheeling and checking out several mines up on the Willard Fault line. Basically its been some great fourwheeler rides, with a lot of insanely steeping hinking. Several days ago we found the mines we had heard about, but ran out of time and didnt get to go into them. Last night we returned with a shovel to dig the hole out so we could fit and found a wonderful surprise...lots and lots of red mud!

Bowdie's new Polaris side by side Ranger Rzr. Very nice to ride in.

Me at Inspiration point and Bowdie over looking Ogden.
This is a old house of some sort near one of the mine entrances. We saw lots of mountain goats running all over up there. This is a good example of the area we were hiking, and climbing through. Several days earlier I climbed up above where these goats are. It ended up being several hundred feet up with no rope and in the dark!
Most of the mine entrances were closed from dirt and rocks falling into them so we had to dig and sweeze into them.
It was pretty fun exploring these mines, but it was way muddy.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Friday the 13th Birthday

The big 2-5, well I feel more like 21! I seems another year has already gone by, and I am now a menace to society! On Friday night the family came down to take me out to eat at Texas Roadhouse to celebrate. Stallion was busy arresting bad guys so he wasnt able to make it unfortunately. I did get to bring this pretty young lady named Angi though!

I thought I was in the clear, until Mother Lori remembered at the last minute to tell the waiter that it was my birthday...lucky for me I got to ride the birthday saddle! Everyone gave me a big YE-HA!

After dinner I was trained on how to feed and take care of horses at Angi's parents house. Dont let this picture fool you, I did half of the work. Angi has two horses, and the other stall which I cleaned had twice as much poop as this one. Mother Lori had to leave the barn because she started dry heaving, I guess horse poop stinks or something? I gave the horses grain and put down wood chips for them. Then when we put the horses back, one of them charged at me so I let Angi handle all of the leading. I think Angi is pretty brave, she did all of this work in flip flops! After we were all done she said I did alright, and gave me a "B" grade for my work. I might just learn how to be a cowboy afer all.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Box Elder Corrections Shoot

Two weeks ago several of us from Weber County went to Brigham City to participate in the annual Box Elder Shoot that is put on by Box Elder County for Corrections Deputies of surrounding counties. It was three days long and included team shoots, as well as individual events. This year it happened to fall on the weekend that I worked so I ended up staying awake for 55 hours before I finally got to sleep. That turned out to not be the greatest of ideas because I shot really bad the entire shoot. However Weber County did well in the events so we had some good representation there. One of the events we had to attempt to shoot an egg from 50 yards way. Surprisingly its been done several times, however I think more luck is require than skill on this one.

My new camera also got a lot of use. In two days we took almost 500 pictures. I did have some help from my friend Bowdie Malan, I think he probly likes the camera more than I do.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Laughlin River Run 2008

For the third year now I got to travel 1400+ miles over this past weekend to the Laughlin River Run in Laughlin, Nv. Chris and I started off on Thursday morning, in a rain and snow storm. Luckily we missed most of it. But by the time we got to St. George the bikes looked terrible. So much for all of the cleaning I did before I left! On Friday we rode to Zion and went through the tunnels just to make sure our pipes were loud enough, and yes they were.

One of our several pit stops to rest our butts.

We left for Laughlin on Saturday morning with Rick and Cyndy, Todd and Shantae, Shantae's dad and family friend Mark, and Todd's friend Matt. It was a wild ride down because the wind was blowing like crazy. We took a new route down this year. We went through Overton, and got to ride this really bumby road that about bucked me off the bike more than a few times. Sunday was a long ride, we rode from Stateline all the way home. It was about 600 miles I would guess.

Here I am attempting to clean my bike at 7:30 Friday morning, the water and soap was freezing to the bike before I could even wipe it down. I had to just leave it out in the sun to thaw out.

We decided to add a little religious history to this trip by stopping and visiting the Mountain Meadows site. Apparently we killed a bunch of people here for some reason? Thats sucks, but there is a nice monument there now.

Todd, Chris, and I on our ride in Zion.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I Love Big Jugs

I drove up to Logan yesterday to help Stallion with a tile job at Whitney's work, so she took a few photos as she always does and here is Jesabel with her new jugs and ape hangers.

The weather was great so I was able to get a few more miles on the Hog.

On saturday the Nelson clan went on a ride into the wilds of northern cache valley.we stopped to eat at some place named LD's Cafe, which I never knew existed but it had some good food.Here we are somewhere in the middle of nowhere, it was very windy but a great family outing.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Jesabel Lives!

Well I've decided that this blog stuff doesn't work so well when you dont have access to the internet very often, or a ditial camera. Anyway I'm trying to keep up on this page.

Good news, the hog "Jesabel" is finally done and out of the shop!!! Its been a long and frustating at times project, but finally on Monday I got to go pick her up from North Salt Lake. My roommates brother in law did the work for me, and it seems like she was never going to get finished. Now I have to break in the new motor and that means slow driving for the next 500 miles. Thats going to be rough. I hope I get enough good weather and time before leaving with Chris on Thursday for the Laughlin River Run. I have some pictures of the complete bike, but At the moment I can't figure out how to get them onto the computer, because everyone that knows anything about computers is asleep. I'll get them posted hopefully tomorrow so soon.

However I have a pictures here of when she was getting worked on in SLC...

Here is one of the old pistons,

Jesabel got new S&S Gear drive cams, as seen here, a bigger motor, 1550 cc. screamin' eagle from the old stock 1450 cc. Best of all is the 16" ape hangers, sorry I'll get a picture of those as soon as I can.

Let me tell you she is one hot ride, I doubt I will be single for much longer when the chicks get a look at this hog!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hello Family and Friends

Well here is my new blog. I was looking at my family's blogs and got interested in it. So now all of you can get to know me better. More pictures and info. with be coming as i figure all of this new stuff out. I'm glad that spring is just around the corner, I can't wait. I am patiently waiting (well not really) for the hog to get out of the shop with the new and bigger motor, and a few other extras! It sure will be nice to get out and ride it.