Thursday, August 14, 2008

Old Dirty Mines

Daily it occurs to me that I suck at keeping this blog up to date, when in fact I have plenty of stuff to post. It only appears that I have a boring, stupid life, when in reality its quite excited; but probly still stupid.

My friend Bowdie and I have been fourwheeling and checking out several mines up on the Willard Fault line. Basically its been some great fourwheeler rides, with a lot of insanely steeping hinking. Several days ago we found the mines we had heard about, but ran out of time and didnt get to go into them. Last night we returned with a shovel to dig the hole out so we could fit and found a wonderful surprise...lots and lots of red mud!

Bowdie's new Polaris side by side Ranger Rzr. Very nice to ride in.

Me at Inspiration point and Bowdie over looking Ogden.
This is a old house of some sort near one of the mine entrances. We saw lots of mountain goats running all over up there. This is a good example of the area we were hiking, and climbing through. Several days earlier I climbed up above where these goats are. It ended up being several hundred feet up with no rope and in the dark!
Most of the mine entrances were closed from dirt and rocks falling into them so we had to dig and sweeze into them.
It was pretty fun exploring these mines, but it was way muddy.


Kandice said...

Wow! Those red mud pictures are awesome. I've never heard of Inspiration point. Definitely want to check that out next time we're back there.

teona ann said...

Sounds like fun - hiking those cliffs would freak me out a little I think. The mine pictures are cool though. Maybe we should arrange a little 4-wheeler expedition... :) Keep having fun and hopefully we'll see you over Labor Day!

jon and whit said...

matt you are friggin' crazy. i wanna go up there on 4-wheelers but i'm pretty sure i'd stay out of the mines and no rock climbing either. :)

The Head of The House said...

your nutts dude... i wish i was single again so i could do cool things without asking!!! :)

Richard & Teona said...

You always were the crazy one!?? Looks like you are having a great time, don't live too close to the edge! See you over Labor Day...Love ya

Lynn & Laurie said...

Thanks for sharing - I see its not a place for fat guys.